Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology

The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology is one of the pioneering engineering colleges of our country, established by the British Raj on the 11th day of March in the year 1919, just after World War–I. The historical perspective has been dealt with in the History section of this website. This government institute is under the administrative control of the Directorate of Technical Education West Bengal and the Department of Higher Education of the Government of West Bengal.

Since its inception, its focus has been on teaching and research in leather technology, footwear, and leather goods making, providing assistance to industries, and also providing training and organizing seminars and workshops to disseminate the knowledge to the stakeholder. There has been a gradual change in the morphology of this college since 2000 when a B. Tech. course in information technology was offered by this institute. In 2001, another B. Tech. course in computer science and engineering was offered. Keeping pace with horizontal expansion, in 2005 we looked into vertical expansion by introducing the M. Tech. program in Leather Technology.


11th March 1919

The Government College of Engineering and Leather Technology (GCELT) was originally started under the name ‘Calcutta Research Tannery’ in the year 1919 on the recommendation of the Munitions Board set up by the Government of India immediately after the First World War. The college originally was situated on Canal South Road, Pagladanga, P.O. Tangra, Calcutta – 700015.


In the year 1926, ‘Calcutta Research Tannery’ was renamed ‘Bengal Tanning Institute’ in the ambit of the Department of commerce and Industry.

August 1955

In August 1955 this college was affiliated with the University of Calcutta for imparting training in B. Sc. (Tech) course in Leather Technology and it has been recognized as a professional college under the University of Calcutta.


In the year 1958 ‘Bengal Tanning Institute’ was renamed ‘COLLEGE OF LEATHER TECHNOLOGY’ (CLT).


A change in the department from the Commerce and Industry so far to the Department of Higher Education took place in the year 1968.


The college undergoes a paradigm shift with the change in location from Pagladanga to the prime location of Salt Lake on E. M. By-Pass


Information Technology was introduced as B-Tech Course.


Computer Science Engineering was introduced as B-Tech Course.


M. Tech program in Leather Technology as a feather on the cap of vertical expansion and affiliating umbrella also changed to ‘The West Bengal University of Technology’ from ‘The University of Calcutta’.


Reboot – Cultural Fest


ENGINEERS – Techfest for tech-savvy students.

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